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By: Stan Usinowicz

Oatman gunfighters show a little pardner how it's done.
Photo by: Stan Usinowicz

It once ran red and unregulated - the untamed Colorado River that is spawned in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and flows 1,450 miles through five U.S. states and two states in Mexico, eventually reaching the Sea of Cortez with whatever water remains after legal allocations along the way.

"Colorado" is Spanish for the word "red" - during spring floods from melting of snowpack in the Rocky Mountains, the river carried red silt downstream - hence the name given the waters by Spanish explorers.


By: Stan Usinowicz

Replica lighthouse on The Island in Lake Havasu City
is also a navigation aid.

Photo by: Stan Usinowicz

Put a dam on a river and the next thing you know, you've got a lake filling up behind it. Next thing you know, here come the fishermen and the boaters. Then the skiers. The wakeboarders. The standup paddleboarders. The high performance ocean-going 38-footers. The kayakers. The fishermen. You've created a playground, summer and winter.

In post World War II America, the Colorado River Lower Basin was discovered, slowly but inexorably. It was warmer than Butte, sunnier than Portland - "Sun 350 days a year, they say, Mother. Let's get in the camper and go down and have a look."

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Location, location, location: Just few steps across the border, you'll find the first of many pharmacies.
Photo by: Stan Usinowicz

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