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SUMMER'S FINALLY HERE!! And the new 2013 Summer Guide is hotter than ever! This edition is packed with local stories, activities and special events that will be taking the Colorado River to new heights in entertainment, recreation and relaxation to help wane away the hazy, lazy days of summer!

This year we are glad to announce that the 2013 Summer Guide is available for download in both PDF and e-Book editions.

Our new e-book edition can be viewed almost instantly on computers with an Internet connection with advanced features such as linkable Table of Contents, links within the book to take visitors to the advertiser's web site when you click on advertiser's with displayed web sites, send e-mails to advertiser's where available, full search feature that will search both stories and advertising, and you can even download an .EXE file of the e-book to take with you and read while not connected to the Internet without having to install any additional software.

And, of course, you can download the .PDF file and view in Adobe's Acrobat Reader® at anytime.

We are excited about our new in-house e-Book generation and have also incorporated our weekly White Sheet publication in the same format so that you can find what you are looking for faster and easier than ever before.

The 2013 Summer Guide is the premier publication for the sun-soaked, lazy days of summer in the tri-state area along the banks of the Lower Colorado River. 50,000 printed copies will be delivered throughout the Colorado River Region from Kingman to Yuma, AZ, starting Memorial Day Weekend and ending Labor Day. Look for your printed copy of the 2013 Summer Guide on racks where you find the weekly White Sheet shopping guide.

The 2013 Summer Guide will be available for download here and on local new stands throughout the summer. This free guide will highlight events along the Colorado River. It's not only for the water enthusiast, boaters, skiers or fishermen, but for the land-lovers as well. Learn the exciting history of our river basin and how it came became the center of our American Southwest. Find exciting and educational day trips to take, learn about area museums, craftsmen, and specialty shops.

Also inside the Guide you will find out where to rent boats, water skis, and just about anything else needed for a little water fun. Get valuable safety tips of boating, reducing your risk to sun exposure and how to take care of your pets in the harsh summer sun.

Find hidden coves and shores to explore and maybe take a path less traveled, but be sure to patronize our advertiser's that have made this treasure trove of information available to you throughout the summer.